'First Contact' International response form

Dear (client's name here),

As we specialise in a Multi Lane Multi Store Supermarkets, we have the ideal software solution to your situation.
One of our clients is the largest Independant Supermarket Chains in South Africa. (39 stores of 2000 square meters each, 20 cashiers per store).

Ours was one of the first Windows multi-store solutions 10 years ago and in it's current revision remains streets ahead of the game in this niche.
In multi store scenarios and simplicity of use we are almost without peer.

If you are keen on a full presentation, please let us know and we will arrange to send you a sales delegate from our Office.
This is much too sophisticated a solution to be able to describe in the scope of an email.

Should you wish to setup the above sales presentation we require that you carry the travel and accomodation part of the cost and we will provide you with a highly competant salesperson who will demonstrate the application and its suitability to your business..

In the event that you purchase the application, we will pass you full credit for any cost you may have incurred, in pre-sale.

This method offers you at a minimal cost, exposure to a highly evolved Point of Sales (POS) solution that handles :

* Sales, statistics, and accountability by store, Dept, Supplier, Category, sub category, (4 levels), item,size, colour, and client.
* Inventory, value, movement by store, dept, Supplier, Category (4 levels) item, Client, size, colour.
* Movement of items, by by store, dept, Supplier, Category (4 levels) item, Client, size, colour.
* All of the above by year, month, day etc..
* Central Distribution center and Warehouse control.
* Stock replenishment and replenishment cycles. Based on min stock levels, sales threshholds, sales volumes, pack threshhold.
* Integration with cordless scanners for Warehouse picking and stock takes.
* Full Debtors modules.
* Over the VPN integration of stores with head office.
* export to Accounts backend.
* Handles Forex. Sell in up to 4 currencies (simultaneously).
* Debtors Sales
* Layaway.
* Loyalty schemes.
* and a whole lot more.

If you are keen, I believe that you have little to lose from this experiment.
We will provide our consultant to you for up to a week.
Only travel expenses (business class) will be billed.

Warmest Regards

Mohammed Parak
CAD Retail Durban

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