Casio DT900

Download Unit (cradle) must be set to :On Off On On On On On Off

Separate scanners into two types:

  • 5 Series model number ends with 5x
  • 6 Series model number ends with 6x

Each of the above versions has a slightly different model of software.

The software on the scanner was developed by my friend Peter. (call me for his details if required)

When installing the 1.6 software to the Casio DT900 Scanners use Shift Dot and Power together to reset.

If sending from unit to unit :

  • 4. Transmit
  • 3. Duplicate HT
  • 3. 3. To change to A+B
  • 1. Send -> 2. Recieve

If downloading application from PC to Scanner you will need the Multi-Drop Windows based Applicaiton.
on Scanner.

  • Format both A and B Drives first
  • 4. Transmit.
  • 5. Protocol MLT
  • 6. Port IR.
  • 7. Speed 115k
  • 4.4.5 Transmit, Utility, File Mode, 1.Normal
  • 4.2.2 Transmit, App Install, B Drive.

On the PC Side. From the Multidrop application:

  • Settings File settings:
  • Change all to represet the location (short file names) of the files to send.



In Multi-drop

  • Settings Communication
  • Com Speed 115200BPS
  • Com Port 0 represents PC's actual Com 1
  • Com Port 1 represents PC's actual Com 2
  • Execute.

Thats all Folks.


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