The fact is that RII Data is in incredibly good shape. Over billions of records, collected over millions of transactions and absolutely pristine.
Run with this assumption, and you are forced to accept a few trajectories as well.

If the Sales Data is excellent and the item inventory data perfect, as are the statistics of items sold.
If all of this available by Date, Dept, Category ( 5 levels nested), supplier, region, group, etc..
If all databases have been designed to easily dump changes and restore them over the Wan, then what we have, is a central repository of
data, that is is really good shape. A data warehouse, that is held in a world class database. MySQL.

The man once said, Give me a lever and I will move the world. Give me a database that is pure and structured correctly and we could tell you
almost anything you need to know.

This idea was the starting point and we built from here outwards and created the central databases, and the VPN links and the consolidation procedures, and finally the query modules, to mine the data.

CADBi is the culmination of all of this, and it is a thing of great beauty. With elegance and speed, it is no wonder that it is altogether the best show in town.

The future is looking very bright.


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