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We also created reports for Time of day analysis of sales.
Admin module now highlights bad GPs in red and very low prices in yellow.

New Period based GP reports in triple pane format.
Daily stock by dept, supplier written to file.
Available in the future as a permanent record of dayend stock values.
Produced new views of the above.

1. Reports Stock Daily position report by dept.
2. Reports Stock Daily position report by Supplier.
3. Reports Stock Daily position report by dept, in Forex Values
4. Reports Stock Daily position report by Supplier, in Forex Values

Min / Max GP in each dept written to file.
Sales out of acceptable range blocked.

Fixed problem with syncserver.
Created module to import Ydesign stock take into R2 Admin.
Created new stock take tab in admin to view stock take bin locations.
Updated procedure to handle multiple stock location.
Dealt with Neg GP in returns

Recent work done in Mozambique by mparakmparak, 07 Jan 2007 15:23

While I posted into the server, record at a time, and updated inventory file, item at a time, we recently decided to do these in the form of a SQL Bulk update. Incredible and fast. Currently in Alpha. Parameter is a chackbox that reads bulk_update on monster database section.

Most Point of Sales systems and indeed accounting systems are slave to the system date and its manipulation.
We encouraged clients to read server time and date on startup in a net time \\servername kind of scenerio.
This pretty much worked except for the bright sparks who unlocked the application as shell, and minimised the app, and changed the date in systray.
All of this done without exiting the program.
We now pick up server date from within the application. No way yo ucan mess with the date, so find another loophole dude.
If you backup the local data folder (while offline) and restore the folder later on, this would effectively go back in time, and allow abuse by cashier.
The system invoice number is recorded and will not allow retro values. End Game. Find other loopholes bro.

Re: Purge Periods
mparakmparak 21 Dec 2006 09:03
in discussion SuppportWiki / R2 » Purge Periods

By the way, any purge period less than 7 days will be treated as 7 days.

Re: Purge Periods by mparakmparak, 21 Dec 2006 09:03
Re: Purge Periods
mparakmparak 21 Dec 2006 09:02
in discussion SuppportWiki / R2 » Purge Periods

The system purges the sheet and trans into sheet_bak and trans_bak.
If you need access to the old data, look at the _bak files.
The system does not purge outbound data.
I believe that you will need to look carefully at this PC as something else appears to be the problem.



Re: Purge Periods by mparakmparak, 21 Dec 2006 09:02

Dear Hercsh
The stkloc 1 - 5 are distinctly different to the bin location and stock branches. Each accounting cost center is a stock branch. Typically a different business in a different place. In each branch we get 5 stklocations. These are typically, sfs (Shop floor stock), display stock, damaged merchandise etc.. The method to move stock from one of these locations to another is quite simple. Within each stkloc you will find one sales bin_locaiton and multiple storage location. The single Bin_location is attached to the sales floor and the system sells out of this area. Storage locations are subdivisions in the warehouse and the system drops a list of available locations when goods are transfered in/out.

Actually quite simple.



pro: one would know exactly how many of an item should be in every location of the site. as an example, flake snow chocolate bars. (i like flake :) i could track how many units i should have in the warehouse, in returns, in the line and at the till points.
con: this means separate capture of the same item which will lengthen the stock take capture procedure. this also means reprogramming the stock take scanners to not collate items scanned and accept bin locations. as well as the stock take module. oh wait. we dont have that yet do we? LOL!
anyhow, the pro out weighs the con so yeah…great work Mo!

Purge Periods
HerschelleHerschelle 19 Dec 2006 11:07
in discussion SuppportWiki / R2 » Purge Periods

How exactly does the purge work?
Does the till purge transactions only after is has successfully posted to the server, or will it purge regardless?
I ask because I have a till that had a purge period of 10 days, and was trading offline for longer than that period of time.
And I cannot find sales history for this till on the server from 06/11/06 to 06/12/03.
Which makes me think that if it purges regardless, then I am losing transactions that have not posted.

PS. the till's trans_out is blank. so there are no queued transactions :?

Purge Periods by HerschelleHerschelle, 19 Dec 2006 11:07

The new Stock Location introduces an entirely new concept. 5 levels of Qty in the same branch. The original Qty will still be the sum total of the divisions, and all old reports will operate smoothly. The sub-division is the most exciting thing.

Stock Locations. New Concept by mparakmparak, 13 Dec 2006 07:43

Point taken.

Re: Welcom R2 Community,... by mparakmparak, 12 Dec 2006 14:52

Check the How To Section for detailed info on completing a GRV in Admin.

R2 Admin - GRV Procedure by HerschelleHerschelle, 12 Dec 2006 10:58

shot for the welcome.
this site is a bit buggy.
jus tried like 13 times to login before it recognized that i already have an account!

oh and go post your YD stuff in the YD section.
i dont even wanna hear that name again :p

Re: Welcom R2 Community,... by HerschelleHerschelle, 12 Dec 2006 10:08

Just disabled the password prompts from YDesign. In setup-policy(login_clearence_wins) meaning that if this is checked, then the login clearence levels are all that counts. The system will not constantly bug you for a pasword.

Re: Welcom R2 Community,... by mparakmparak, 11 Dec 2006 22:10

Fellow Wiki Members,
We are gathered here to blah blah blah.
We all have one goal. Global dominance of R2. If we need a Forum then let it be witty and fun.
Keep it clean and May the Force be with you all.

Welcom R2 Community,... by mparakmparak, 11 Dec 2006 14:00
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