Herschelle Govender


I.T. Manager
Checkout Supermarkets

I joined Checkout in 2003 and was first introduced to the CAD Team shortly after. I have developed strong and loyal friendships with all members of the team and I enjoy my visits to CAD. We have had our ups and downs, but for the most part, it has been an interesting experience with a very high learning curve.

I learnt about YDesign the hard way. By getting thrown in the deep end (Mo likes doing that!). But I have been part of R2 from conception. Mostly in the implementation and testing phases of the development life cycle. It is a brilliant piece of software that is simple and efficient, yet highly effective. R2 really demonstrates the advancements Mo has made in both his methods of coding and his understanding of the business. With constructive input and alot of criticism from Riaz, they have developed a purpose built, streamlined application that "does the job, and does it well".

R2 is still an active project, which I believe will become a major player in the Point-Of-Sale market.

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