Things we would like to know about you and your business
  1. What do you sell?
  2. How big is a typical store? (approximate square meters)
  3. How many checkouts (tills) does a typical store have?
  4. How many stores do you have?
  5. Do you use passwords to login cashiers or smart card / biometric systems?
  6. Are these stores run as separate cost centers with redundant intelligence, or as satellite offices?
  7. Retail or Wholesale, telephonic sales, or a combination.
  8. Fixed price, negotiated prices.
  9. Bar-coded, or not conducive to bar-coding.
  10. EAN 13 barcodes or non standard barcodes. If unsure, please supply an example of barcodes used.
  11. Do you sell by mass, using electronic scales etc.. If yes then what brand if scale do you use.
  12. How often do you do a stock take?
  • Stock takes are across the floor or perpetual?
  • Do you use cordless / batch mode / Wifi devices to speed up efficiency.
  • Are you counting locations once or using a second cross check.
  1. Tender Ratio, sales : Cash : Card : Cheque : Voucher : Account Sale : Etc…
  2. Company Policy on returns and exchanges.
  3. Does your current system have a cash office system to minimize the cash exposure at the tills to a legislated minimum?
  4. Company Policy on Layaway.
  5. Debtors sales. Do you have debtors?
  • Method (open item or balance brought forward).
  • Profile created at stores / head office.
  • Credit limit assigned by store manager, or at head office.
  • Physical method of identification, eg … buying card etc..
  1. Language spoken by Staff.
  2. Language spoken by Cashiers.
  3. Language spoken by the average customer.
  4. Language spoken by directors.
  5. Detailed description of PCs, Os (operating system), Networking layer, Servers etc…
  6. Details of current software. (brand).
  7. Limitations of current software.
  8. Company Position on Open Source, Linux.. etc….
  9. Multi currency sales. Can a customer buy using US Dollars, Euro Etc..
  10. Central distribution vs. Each store buys its own product.
  11. Do you run a replenishment system to send goods back to the stores?
  • If so, is it triggered by sales.
  • Min thresholds.
  • Pack size thresholds.
  • Dynamic cycle based thresholds.
  • How much of Human intervention do you have in this area.?
  1. Are your goods delivered to stores by your own vehicles, or outside party couriers.
  2. Do you need Size and Colour views on sales and inventory?
  3. Do you have a good carton tracking system that gives you control over the cost and efficiency of deliveries?
  4. Hit rate studies.
  5. Have you undertaken the “average number of shoppers” study.
  • Have you calculated the average basket statistics?
  • Are you applying hit rate stats to influence your marketing campaign?
  1. Cost per square meter analysis.
  2. Have you done a departmental analysis of stock holding against sales in a “return on investment” (ROI) study?
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