Discount Matrix
Date Range Debtor Identification Item Identification
Start - End Date Group, Region, Type, etc.. Dept, Category (5 levels), supplier, etc..
Cost + Cost excl plus set %
Sell - Sell Incl less set %
Discount Sell Incl less set %

In it's simplest for we would tell the system that Debtor John Smith is a "Building Contractor" and as such he should get a 5% discount on building materials.
To take this further we could say that he is a member of group "Plumber" which gives him a special deal on department plumbing.
We could even say that when he chooses a specific range of items within the plumbing department, based on category (5 levels) or supplier,
or a host of filter methods, he will get a special deal.
After careful deliberation over the various models that exist, and after examining the way in which the software houses have dealt with this issue, we
decided to treat it in a manner that resembles the way in which Operating systems deal with rights and privalages. Inherited and filter through.

This has led to the creation of the easiest to manage and and most flexible pricing/ discount matrix in the market.


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