Returns Exchange Fraud

When I ask the average client what his stand in on returns and / or Exchanges, he either comes back with "no problem, money back blah blah" or "no ways, when you leave my building, the product in your hand must never return, no returns no exchanges".

In any case I present my the client with this scenario.

Mr Smith buys a high value item, like a power drill. (something that does not have a serial number). He leaves it at home and returns the next day, with the cash sale slip in his pocket. If he is really wicked, he remembers to bring the store plastic bag as well. He picks up a product, identical to the one that he bought the previous day, bags it and wanders around the store looking lost.
When he finds a staff member he says he would like to return the item, and produces the cash sale slip and plastic bag. (with the unpaid item in it).
The staff member either steers him to the returns counter, where he is given a full refund, or sends him packing with the "we don't accept returns or exchanges, take your widget and leave the store".
Either way, you lose partner.

Email me for a more detailed account, with a few pointers on how to protect yourself against this sort of abuse.


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