Stock Take

In very broad terms there are two types of stock takes. Annual (Financial) stock takes and perpetual stock take methods.
The principal between the two methods is similar in the mechanics, but for the fact that all items are counted, accross the floor in an annual stock take, but just the selected location in Perpetual. This may seem like a minor detail, but when a store employs cross-merchandised display methods an item may find itself in many locations. In an annual stock take, all locations will be covered and the items collated, where ever they may be found. In the perpetual method, all items are assumed to reside within the specified base locations. No Cross-Merchandised Locations are allowed.

Each method has its place.
When working with a warehouse, it is often useful to prepare and seal the locations before hand.

Warehouse Stock Take Procedure
Incremental Warehouse Stock Take Procedure
Stores Stock Take Procedure
R2 Stock Take Procedure

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