Stock Take (Warehouse)


There will be a pre-count before stock take. In this pre-count all bulk stock items will be sealed and set aside until the end of the stock take. These items may not be sent to the stores, until the end of the stock take.

Step 1:

Managers should draw up floor plans and allocate locations/Stock Sheets on the plan. This will prevent areas from being left out, or duplicated.

Important information:
• Locations: all areas of the store should be included in the floor plan to ensure no stock is left out during stock take.
• Stock sheet: the correct stock sheet should be attached to the correct location.
• Stock take staff: a team of two people should be allocated per location/area, one person to do a hand count and one person to do a scanner count.
• Location code: is the branch code of the store.
• Sheet number: is the number of the stock sheet.
• Scanning: stock take staff that are scanning stock may scan one item and count stock as a bulk total only if the bulk quantity is known. Ie: In the warehouses, they need not scan each and every item.

Step 2:
The person doing the hand count in a stock take team should be the first person to count the stock in the location/area which has been allocated to the team.

Step 3:
The person scanning count should first type in branch code, then scan items.

Step 4:
If the number of stock counted by hand is the same as the number of stock counted by scanner then the team proceed to download.

If the number of stock counted by hand is not the same as the number of stock counted by scanner then the team must report this to their supervisor.

The supervisor should then allocate a team of two new people to the location/area who will do a recount of the stock. Until the number of stock counted either by two scanner counters or two hand counters in the location/area is the same the information may not be downloaded.

Important information:

Step 5:
If the number of units downloaded matches the scanners units then the location can be marked as “BALANCED”. If not the supervisor will be informed and the location redone.

Step 6:
To record information the downloader will be asked by the computer to type in the sheet number for the location/area which is being recorded, the downloader should respond by typing in the sheet number and follow this by pressing in the ,Enter, button.

Then next the system/computer will ask for stock to be scanned, the downloader should respond by typing in the control button, Ctrl, and the button for letter T at the same time. Then press send on scanner

The recorded information should be then printed out by holding down the control button, Ctrl, and the button for letter P at the same time.

The printed information should then be stapled to the stock sheet for that location/area and attached to the actual location/area in the store.

Additional information:

No allowance has been made for boxes of stock which after having been sealed are later found to be opened.

All goods/ boxes of stock and locations which are sealed with a security seal will not be re-opened or distributed to and at stores until the end of the stock take period for 2006.

All goods received from suppliers with receiving notes or proof of delivery will be counted in and included before the end of the stock take period the stock take year.

Items which have not been recorded as purchases should not be included or counted in for the stock take period.

This must be done to make sure that the value stock take is kept accurate.

Download units will be attached to new machines which have been provided. The specific number depending on the size of the store.
These machines will be installed approximately one week before stock take and should be tested before the start of the stock take period.

All other functions, including closure of the stock take, not stated in this document are I.T. functions and will be handled by IT crew.
The name and contact number of each stores’ I.T. consultant should be available as the I.T. consultants should be called in as soon as a stock take is finished to conclude stock take for the year.

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